How does a school become part of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Initiative?
In North Carolina, a school that wants to begin PBIS implementation should contact their LEA PBIS Coordinator or Regional Behavior Support Consultant. Schools are asked to complete a Partnership Agreement, which guides schools through the steps needed to prepare for PBIS training and initial implementation.

What does it cost a school to participate in the PBIS initiative?
PBIS implementation requires an up front investment of time and effort from the school PBIS team and the rest of the school staff. Costs for the school PBIS team to attend training are usually limited to providing substitutes as needed for team members. Generally, teams attend training within their LEA or region to minimize travel costs.
Aside from training expenses, schools determine the amount needed to support implementation activities. Most schools invest a few hundred dollars to post school rules or support a reinforcement system. Frequently, schools form partnerships with local businesses, seek grant funding, and/or gain the support of their parent-teacher organizations to assist with financial support for PBIS efforts.

What is involved in the PBIS school team training?
PBIS training is broken up into three sequential two-day modules which are completed as the school meets implementation criteria over several years. The modules are designed to be completed by a team that represents the entire school staff. This school team shares PBIS information with the entire staff and develops an action plan for implementation. The school team is supported through the process by the PBIS LEA Coordinator and the Regional Behavior Support Consultant.

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