The PBIS Data Management System (DMS) requires each user to have a valid NCID account. NCID is the standard identity management and access service provided to state, local, business, and individual users. NCID provides a high degree of security and access control to real-time resources. It is controlled by the state of North Carolina, and is a separate entity from the PBIS DMS and the PBIS wikispace.

The NC DPI wikispace manager, Robert Sox, has no ability to help with NCID accounts and is not connected in anyway with the PBIS DMS.

If you have difficulty accessing the NC PBIS Data Management System , and the message you receive tells you that your password has expired, or that you need an NCID password, please contact the NCID manager for your LEA, or go to this website:

Here is a link to the DPI website with resources and information about NCID:

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NC PBIS Data Management System

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